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Fulfilling our Mission: Making a Difference

Consumer - Family Transportation

Ms. D used her disability back payment funds to purchase a family car from Car Dealer. At the time of purchase, Ms. D paid the down payment and 7 months of payments. Shortly after the purchase, Ms. D started having engine problems with the car. Fortunately, the car was purchased with a limited warranty. When Ms. D complained about the problems with the car, Car Dealer told her to return the car. Two days after taking the car back to Car Dealer, Ms. D received a letter stating that the car would be sold and that Ms. D had the right to redeem the car before the car was sold provided she paid the full balance of the car, which was $4,500. At that point, Ms. D was 5 payments AHEAD on the payments, so there was clearly no default and no legal basis for a repossession or sale. Ms. D needed the car because it was the family's only means of transportation.

After reviewing the notice of sale, an LSA lawyer contacted Car Dealer to demand that they return the car to Ms. D. After a discussion of the legal ramifications of the dealership's unfair and deceptive actions, Car Dealer agreed to repair the car, pursuant to the warranty and then release the car to Ms. D without charge. Later that day, Ms. D picked up her repaired car and was able to make it to her doctor's appointment the next day.

Housing - Foreclosure Intervention

CJ fell behind on her mortgage payments. A mortgage company foreclosed on her house and told her to leave. The mortgage company was so eager to get her out quickly that it filed the wrong kind of lawsuit. Because of the wrong lawsuit, LSA was able to get the court to dismiss the suit. Instead of filing the proper lawsuit, the mortgage company appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court. While LSA was writing a brief explaining why the circuit court had acted properly, CJ received a call from the Veterans Administration (VA.) The caller told CJ that it owned the property. After checking to see when the mortgage company had transferred the property to the VA, LSA filed a motion to dismiss the mortgage company’s appeal, since it did not own the property when it filed suit. Realizing that it had no right to sue CJ, the mortgage company dismissed the appeal. CJ is now able to stay in her house until the VA decides what to do.

Family - Spouse & Child Protection

L was referred to Legal Services Alabama by the Penelope House to assist her in obtaining a divorce and custody of her minor child. L and her husband were married in Jamaica in 2007. To lawfully come to the United States, L had to remain in Jamaica for a short time before living with her husband. During that period, she was raped and became pregnant with her son.

After the child was born, the husband became abusive and violent. The physical and verbal violence continued to worsen. L filed criminal charges against her husband, but had no sense of real safety. L’s minister recognized the violent nature of her circumstances and brought her to LSA to obtain a divorce for her.

LSA was able to get L a divorce, protection order, and sole custody of the minor child. L is now able to rebuild her life in an environment without abuse — making a safe and better future for her son.

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