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LSA Releases 2010 Annual Report

LSA Releases 2010 Annual Report

LSA has released its 2010 Annual Report: Service is Our Middle Name

“Like the previous year, 2010 was a year whose end many Alabamians were glad to see for the same reason and for a new one. The economic recession that began in 2007 kept unemployment and underemployment at disturbingly high levels in the state giving rise to more housing loss, bankruptcies, domestic violence, and other problems creating a need for free or low-cost legal services for thousands of families. Then on an otherwise beautiful spring day an oil rig exploded in the Gulf, and in the following weeks we all watched in horror as long orange fingers of crude oil approached the coast and washed ashore, fouling beaches, bays, estuaries and wetlands, devastating the economies of Baldwin and Mobile counties in our state and adjoining areas in other Gulf Coast states and unleashing financial misery on many more families who had previously been just getting by.

Fortunately, the over 100 Legal Services Alabama attorneys, paralegals, and support staff had resolved to make 2010 a year of service: increased service, improved service, and service focused specifically on problems made worse for families by the recession. The momentum of that effort and the memory of Hurricane Katrina gave LSA the tools it needed to pivot to the next disaster and begin addressing the needs of the latest group of victims whose legal problems could not be fully covered by the private bar. And our advocates were able to do this without diminishing service to other areas and clients statewide. LSA closed more than 10,000 cases again in 2010, continuing the pace set in 2009, and more of these cases involved extended service — more than only advice — reflecting increasing maturity and better training of our staff.”

- Norman Bradley, LSA Board President

From First the Recession, Then the Oil Spill, LSA 2010 Annual Report

Read and download full report here.

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