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LSA Dedicates 2009 Annual Report to Tom Methvin

LSA Dedicates 2009 Annual Report to Tom Methvin

LSA has released its 2009 Annual Report.

"Backed by federal funding, LSA advocates did a cracker jack job of fighting homelessness and preventing mortgage foreclosures and evictions as the housing crisis looms ever large. One of the side benefits of these cases has been the forming of new partnerships with other interested advocates all over the state. In many cases we have realized new alliances which strengthen our ability to serve clients in a more holistic fashion.

LSA has had the benefit of several magnificent and magnanimous recent State Bar
Presidents. Mark White and Sam Crosby dedicated their terms to equal access to justice to the law. Current President Tom Methvin started championing our cause even as President-Elect and was and continues to be a dynamic force for the underprivileged in their pursuit of truly “Equal Justice.” Because of his dedication and unfailing focus on helping us help others, I dedicate this 2009 Annual Report to Mr. Methvin."

- Jimmy Fry, LSA Executive Director

From "2009: A Quick Look Back as We Continue to Move Forward", LSA 2009 Annual Report

Read and download full report here.

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