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Veterans from across the River Region turned out for the first Central Alabama Veterans Healthcare System (CAVHCS)/Legal Services Alabama free legal clinic held May 24. Veterans received legal advice and services in several areas, including foreclosures and eviction, consumer protection, and wage garnishment.

Veterans in need of some legal guidance can now turn to a free clinic at Central Alabama VA hospitals.

What does it mean for a legal aid organization to do high impact work? LSA Executive Director Artur Davis addressed that question during a meeting of LSA’s High Impact Litigation Unit held May 16.

Perry Myer, Staff Attorney in LSA's Montgomery office, is passionate about veterans. Having served in the U.S. Army Reserve, he understands the many challenges that veterans often face. In partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, LSA will hold a free civil legal clinic for low-income veterans of Central Alabama, Wednesday, May 24.

The Montgomery Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., recently partnered with Legal Services Alabama, the James W. Wright Leadership Development Institute, and the Office of the Secretary of State for an Expungement and Voter Rights Restoration Clinic held Saturday, May 13 in downtown Montgomery.

Legal Services Alabama Executive Director Artur Davis and Ian Reed with the Central Alabama Veterans Healthcare System sit down with Tonya Terry of WSFA to discuss the joint event focused on helping veterans with civil legal issues.

On Friday, May 12, LSA won the kind of victory that makes us remember why our work is vitally needed. The Alabama Constitution has guaranteed the working poor that basic security for over a century, but for two years, LSA has been fighting adverse rulings that called this important right into question.

Our clients and working poor people all over this state are thankful for the brilliance and tenacity of our own Farah Majid, Staff Attorney in our Huntsville office. It is because of her work, our clients have more security to feed their families tonight. The same goes for every low-income working person in Alabama, including those that never walk through LSA’s doors.

LSA's Barbara Luckett recently shared do's and dont's concerning housing during a Fair Housing and Landlord-Tenant workshop held May 6 for Birmingham residents. Sponsored by Legal Services Alabama's Birmingham Office and the Jefferson County Housing Authority, the seminar addressed tenants' most pressing concerns.

According to recent research from Forbes magazine, more than 5.5 million U.S. homes have faced foreclosure since 2008. Legal Services Alabama is offering hope and help to low-income individuals and families who are facing the same fate.

LSA welcomes Jonathan Barry-Blocker as the newest staff attorney to its Birmingham Office. Barry-Blocker, who began May 3, is a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, and the University of Florida’s Fredric G. Levin College of Law.

Death is a tough subject for many; For James Rich, LSA's Elder Law Staff Attorney in Anniston, preparing for this fact-of-life is essential. Rich shares just how important it is for seniors to plan ahead.

Haley Box's April is an illustration of what it means to be a successful LSA lawyer; the range of her good work also demonstrates the breadth of services offered by LSA for Alabamians who need help. Congratulations to Haley for her work in April and for her emergence as one of our best young lawyers.

Linda A. Klein, president of the American Bar and Rebekah Keith McKinney, a partner with Watson McKinney LLC in Huntsville, speak on the importance of keeping Legal Services Corporation (LSC) and legal services providers in the state of Alabama.

Legal Services Alabama held an orientation for new lawyers on Tuesday, April 25. Attorneys learned about the various departments of LSA as well as employee information.

As seniors age, they may find it difficult to have someone care for them, or speak on their behalf in the event they cannot speak or do for themselves. LSA Montgomery Staff Attorney Leigh Haynie wants to help make the transition for aging adults a little bit easier.

By the time she had come to us for help, she had already been through a great deal. I am continually impressed with my client’s strength to leave an abusive situation and thrive.

Davis, along with LSA attorneys Andriette Rowell, Stephen H. Last and Nannie Reed, led a panel discussion and Q&A highlighting public interest work and the services LSA provides to Alabama’s poor population. The discussion on April 11 addressed the crisis of poverty in Alabama, and the need for more funding to support LSA’s efforts in helping those who cannot afford legal aid.

According to a recent article, larger charitable organizations do not assist Southern nonprofits at the same scale as other proportionate outreaches across the country

Legal Services Alabama is pleased to announce its appointment of Felecia Pettway of Wilcox County as the new Managing Attorney for its Selma Office. Pettway, who assumed her position on April 3, will lead LSA’s efforts in providing free civil legal aid to low-income individuals and families who cannot afford legal representation in the Black Belt.

Payday lending practices have become a serious concern for Alabamians. State officials hope to shed some light

The Advocate of the Month for March has been announced. Click here to read about Farah Majid's work for her clients.
Congratulations, Farah. We are proud to have you on our team and we look forward to seeing your future accomplishments.

The stakes for this grandmother were high: if she lost, she would not only have lost her home but been ineligible to live in any other public housing development. For a low income person, that can mean homelessness.

LSA can help if you are a victim of a “scam”: usually, a scheme to target low income people by offering quick fixes to their money and legal problems, fixes that would actually end up leaving them worse off. LSA can also offer advice and counsel on whether those offers in the mail that tend to pop up right after you are denied credit or a loan, or are sued for unpaid bills, are in your best interest.

As we examine areas where LSA can do more, we have identified school bullying as a threat to educational access and our offices will be prepared to represent the interests of children who are victims. As the Department of Education officially reminded schools in 2010, a broad range of bullying behavior creates obligations for public schools to take action.

Attorney Tyler Brannon recently assisted a client after a seemingly good deal to purchase a home went sour. Facing eviction, she turned to LSA for help.

Tax Season is upon us. Tim Kingston and Maceo Kirkland from LSA's Low Income Tax Clinic have some tips that may help you.

When a mortgage company tries to conduct a foreclosure, should it have to follow the actual terms contained in the mortgage agreement?

Executive Director Artur Davis makes the case for the need of legal service programs

Leaders of more than 150 U.S. law firms with offices in all 50 states sent a letter to the Office of Management and Budget Thursday, urging it to continue funding the Legal Services Corp.

Legal Services Alabama with assistance from Faulkner Law is hosting a free clinic to provide assistance to community members in creating important emergency-planning legal documents on Friday, March 3rd.

Congratulations, Sherri Thomas. Thank you for all your hard work for you clients.

In celebration of the 52nd Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery march, Legal Services Alabama will host a legal counsel session on Expungements. Legal Services Alabama will inform you of procedures to clear your criminal record if you are eligible based on Alabama Expungement Law.

LSA's Tyler Brannon helps a client who was the sole provider for his family from a garnishment that took away a quarter of his paycheck. The garnishment was causing hardships for his family, including the inability to make their monthly rent payment. See the article on page 9 in the February edition of the Alabama State Bar's monthly publication, Addendum..

Can a housing authority evict a tenant for wrongdoing that she didn’t even know about? Is it lawful to punish a tenant for the actions of people who enter her property without her permission or invitation?

LSA made a difference for a young woman who still needs all the help she can get.

We hear so much about how a lack of a driver’s license can cost individuals their right to vote. I saw firsthand in this case how a lack of a license can be a bar to working.

Nannie Reed started with LSA in early January 2017. "My short time here at LSA has given me the confidence to know that I can make a difference."

Click to read the January 30th edition of the official publication of the Montgomery Rotary Club that contains the article covering Artur Davis's talk about LSA's work.

After completing her courses, my client found out very quickly that what sounded like a fair deal quickly turned sour.

Executive Director Artur Davis sits down to discuss Legal Services Alabama's mission: To serve low-income people by providing civil legal aid and by promoting collaboration to find solutions to problems of poverty.

When the building that once housed Legal Services Alabama on Church Street burned down years ago, a lot of people forgot the nonprofit law firm was still in Selma. But newly named executive director Artur Davis is hoping to change that perception by making people more aware of what LSA does and who they help.

We at Legal Services of Alabama are saddened by the passing of former Governor Albert Brewer. As a public servant who lifted up people who were left behind in Alabama, Albert Brewer epitomized LSA’s values and we mourn his loss.

Imagine having a paid for car, with no car note. Then you wake up to find that your vehicle has still somehow been repossessed.

. Score a victory for one ordinary Alabamian over one of our most powerful companies.

Thank you for providing HELP and HOPE to the poor throughout Alabama! Your generous donations have made a huge difference for poor families across Alabama. Read about our latest work to help those in need.

Meet Michael Forton, our Director of Advocacy. “What I really love is the things we do are changing the future,” Forton said. “I honestly believe the work we do is making the state, the country and even the world a better place.”

Legal Services Alabama (LSA) announced today the selection of Former Congressman Artur G. Davis as its new Executive Director.

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