November 2017 Advocate of the Month

LSA is happy to announce that our Advocate of the Month for the month of November is Ricky Chambless. Ricky joined LSA in 2003, and his practice is focused primarily in the areas of consumer, housing and domestic. Prior to joining LSA, he was in private practice in Fayette, Alabama from 1996 to 2003. This month, Ricky was able to make a big difference in the lives of a number of people in a variety of important and meaningful ways. In November, Ricky showed us exactly how important the work of LSA can be.

In February, Ricky saved the home of an elderly, bed-ridden client, currently on hospice care. The client was facing the sale of her home for an old debt. After being contacted by the client, LSA worked with the client to prepare a form declaring the house her homestead and filed copies in the public record. After filing a motion with the Circuit Court handling the matter, the writ was dismissed and the client was able to focus on more important things.

In another case, Ricky dealt with a local housing authority determined to evict a low income tenant for a very small debt. After the housing authority refused to accept a repayment plan, Ricky worked with a local private ​bankruptcy lawyer to arrange for the filing of the bankruptcy case, if necessary. Once the housing authority realized that their two options were to repay in a fair way or get nothing, they entered a repayment agreement.  

In two other cases, Ricky represented clients who were accused by third-party debt collectors of owing over $20,000. After trial, the court found in both cases that the clients did not actually owe the money claimed, protecting them from unnecessary threats of garnishments or executions. In two other cases where judgments had been entered against clients who did not contact LSA in time, Ricky was able to help the clients claim their wages as protected and have the garnishments dismissed.

Ricky was also able to help a victim of domestic violence separate from her abusive spouse, getting her full custody of her children and child support. With Ricky’s help, the client was able to start over with a fresh start.

In one final case, Ricky was able to convince the Board of Appeals to give unemployment compensation to a client after she had previously been turned down.

So LSA congratulates Ricky Chambless - November Advocate of the Month. Keep up the good work Ricky!

Michael Forton, Director of Advocacy


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