Advocate of the Month December 2017

Our December 2017 Advocate of the Month is Wilson Webb. Wilson first joined LSA as part of the Gadsden office in 1991, specializing in consumer and housing law. Although Wilson left LSA in 2006, he returned as part of the Birmingham office in February 2014. Wilson specializes in a wide range of consumer law areas including cases involving: debt collections (including private student loan suits), repossessions, bankruptcy, and a wide range of consumer protection laws. In both of his careers at LSA, Wilson has proved himself to be an outstanding consumer advocate and a true champion of Alabama’s most vulnerable citizens. In December, Wilson proved this once again by helping a large number of people where they need it the most: in their pocketbook.

Among other people Wilson helped in December, was a custodian for the local schools plagued by garnishments. The client came to us because the deductions were making it difficult to maintain the mortgage payments on her small home and provide for her daughter and grandchildren. Wilson helped the client file bankruptcy so she could be financially free again, and was able to get all of her Condemned wages returned to her by getting the Condemnation Order vacated for violating State Law.

In one case, Wilson helped a client, who was the victim of identity theft, stop a garnishment and set aside the default judgment against her, and have the case against her dismissed.

In another case, Wilson helped a widow avoid being forced to pay an unscrupulous car loan owed by her deceased husband. When the client was sued, Wilson filed a suit back against them for Truth in Lending violations, and the case against her was ultimately dismissed.

In a series of consumer debt trials brought by subprime lenders and debt-buyers, Wilson protected four low income Alabamians when the debt collectors either were unable to produce proof that LSA’s client owed any money, or simply surrendered once Wilson appeared.

In one final case, Wilson helped a client who was working and threatened with suspension of her driver’s license, by bankrupting the debt that would have led to her losing her license.

This month and every month, we here at LSA are very proud of the work done by Wilson and the Birmingham office. Great job Wilson!


Michael Forton, Director of Advocacy


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